Carrie Rengers

Attorney Abdul Arif clarifies his Donut Whole role

Abdul Arif wants to clarify his role in the Donut Whole.

"I put together the deal, basically," he says of the sale of the business.

Arif says it's his nephew, Tariq Azmi, who will be the owner and operator. There are other partners in the business as well.

Previous Donut Whole owner Michael Carmody went to Arif as his potential bankruptcy attorney. Arif immediately knew he wanted to buy the popular business.

"I couldn't be his attorney and buy the business from him at the same time," Arif says. "It's like a huge, big no-no."

Arif says he immediately referred Carmody to attorney David Eron but for now is distancing himself from the Donut Whole deal to avoid even the appearance of anything unethical.

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