Carrie Rengers

Wichita has two Collectives — who knew? — and one is now home to Apples & Arrows

With its latest move to new space, the Apples & Arrows branding agency has come full circle in a way.

"It's kind of ridiculous how it all came together," Todd Ramsey says of how quick the deal was.

In 2010, Ramsey and his friend Kenton Hansen conceived the Labor Party, a collaborative creative office space at 216 N. Mosley just north of the Hotel at Old Town's banquet space. Eventually, Ramsey's agency outgrew that space.

After a couple of other stops in between, Apples & Arrows is now at the Collective, but it's not the retail Collective at near 21st and K-96.

It's a newer Collective at 233 S. Lulu in the Douglas Design District, and it's a collection of buildings on the property that various businesses can occupy.

"It's all kind of one little community," Ramsey says.

There's a main 2,700-square-foot house that the owner divided for various businesses to use, but Apples & Arrows is taking all of the space.

There are three other buildings of varying size, one of which is occupied by a contractor. The other two are empty.

"It's possible that we could take those over, or we could find other creative partners," Ramsey says. "We want to create like a creative commune."

He jokes about the word commune.

"I'm well on my way to creating a cult like I always wanted," he laughs.

Ramsey says he's particularly interested in creating a training space with the extra room there.

In previous offices, he's had workshops on branding, marketing and social media.

"I'd really like to start that back up."

Jake Ramstack of InSite Real Estate Group handled the deal.

There's one perk the Collective has just around the corner: Central Standard Brewing.

Ramsey calls it "a pretty nice benefit."

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