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House hunters look for a new home and wind up with a business

Sherri and Keith Skupa are the new owners of the Delano Bed & Breakfast in Delano.
Sherri and Keith Skupa are the new owners of the Delano Bed & Breakfast in Delano. Courtesy photo

Sherri and Keith Skupa have been looking for a new home for the last year and finally found one, except it's actually a business.

They're the new owners of the historic Delano Bed & Breakfast bungalow at 305 S. Elizabeth in Delano.

"That was a bonus," Sherri Skupa says.

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Sherri and Keith Skupa were looking for a house for themselves when they found the Delano Bed & Breakfast, which they now live in and run as a business. Courtesy photo

"It's all set up, and it's ready to go," she says. "Why not let others enjoy the yard and the house?"

Previous owners Becky and Brent Miller put the property on the market last fall.

Skupa says she and her husband love to entertain and look for "any reason to have someone over."

"We love to visit and meet people."

However, Skupa says she wasn't quite prepared to get her first request to book immediately after she moved in.

"I just went, 'Oh, dear.' "

She says it was two sisters who wanted to stay and play cards in her parlor.

"I said, 'Sure, come on over. You can be our guinea pigs.' "

The Skupas want to do some painting and planting, though Sherri Skupa isn't sure they'll get it done before their grand opening during Final Friday on June 29.

Keith Skupa is a kindergarten teacher, and Sherri Skupa works as a coordinator for Via Christi St. Francis. She also just finished earning a long-awaited degree at Wichita State University. Though she's keeping her job, Skupa says no more school leaves time for the bed and breakfast.

"I can start really enjoying it at this point."

So can her husband.

"He's guaranteed a breakfast," Skupa laughs.

While he's on summer break from school, she says she's "going to teach him how to be Mr. Host."

"We're not going to get rich on it at all, but it's something we can have fun with."

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