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Crestview Country Club likely to sell again, 2 years after the last time

ClubCorp is considering buying Crestview Country Club, which Concert Golf Partners purchased less than two years ago.
ClubCorp is considering buying Crestview Country Club, which Concert Golf Partners purchased less than two years ago. File photo

It's been fewer than two years since Crestview Country Club sold, but it looks like that's what's happening again.

Peter Nanula of Newport Beach, Ca.-based Concert Golf Partners informed members recently via e-mail.

"I wanted all of you to know that Concert Golf has entered into discussions with ClubCorp to acquire 16 of our clubs, including Crestview Country Club, in the next few months," he wrote.

Last month, Concert Golf declined to comment to Have You Heard? until a deal is done. Club general manager James Hippe hasn't returned calls to comment.

"This is a bittersweet moment for me personally, because I love Crestview and know how hard we have worked to deliver on so many capital improvements and upgrades to your member experience," Nanula wrote. "We have not gotten everything right, I know, but with your honest feedback and our team's commitment to your club, we have all made great progress together since we arrived just a short time ago.

After spending time with Dallas-based ClubCorp, Nanula wrote that it is the "one company in our industry that can take Crestview to the next level."

"It would take us years - or even decades - to replicate what ClubCorp offers their members."

That includes reciprocal privileges with clubs such as Ohio-based Firestone Country Club, California-based Indian Wells Country Club and the Texas-based Woodlands Country Club.

According to the Crestview website, the club "was founded in 1921 by three businessmen who wanted to build a playhouse based on their love of companionship and sports."

"With great courage, they leased one of the finest quarter sections of land surrounding Wichita - 160 acres of virgin sod between 17th and 21st and Fairmount College and Oliver. They platted out the golf course, then fenced the greens to protect them from cattle that rightfully roamed the area."

In 1969, the club moved to its current site on 127th Street between Central and 13th Street.

In April 2016, Have You Heard? reported that club management sent a letter to members to explain why it was exploring selling to Concert Golf.

"The country club business is a very difficult business to be in these days with declining membership, increased costs and difficult management issues.”

The ClubCorp deal is expected to take several months. Look for more information as it becomes available.

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