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Wichita is on Marcus Lemonis’ list of new Gander Outdoors stores

Gander Mountain is returning to Wichita as Gander Outdoors, though it’s not clear where or when.
Gander Mountain is returning to Wichita as Gander Outdoors, though it’s not clear where or when. The Wichita Eagle

UPDATED – In May, when Camping World chairman and CEO Marcus Lemonis purchased Gander Mountain out of bankruptcy, he told Have You Heard? that “one way or the other” he’s coming to Wichita.

Wednesday, he confirmed it by including Wichita in a list of cities that will have new Gander stores no later than June.

“I’ll be showing you all the locations that are the final locations for Gander Outdoors going forward,” he said in a Facebook video.

“Over the next several weeks they’re going to be opening at a very rapid pace.”

Lemonis said all of the stores will be open by the end of May or the middle of June.

“There is some implied timing on here,” he said of a board with the names, “but nothing to absolutely be concrete on in terms of the timing.”

Unlike a lot of the names on the board, the Wichita listing didn’t have an address with it.

That’s because Lemonis doesn’t quite have a deal for the space he wants here. And that happens to be the former Gander Mountain building at downtown’s WaterWalk development.

At one point on Wednesday, Lemonis responded to a query from Have You Heard? by tweeting that he’s going to open in the former store.

It seems like that was a bit ahead of an actual deal, though.

“Apparently still hurdles on just the @GanderOutdoors,” he said in a follow-up tweet. “We want to be at water walk.”

In the earlier tweet, Lemonis also said: “Plus we are building (an) @CampingWorld in town.”

The Camping World store will not be at WaterWalk. It sounds like there’s not a deal for that site yet either.

In his Facebook video, Lemonis discussed the inside of his new Gander Outdoors stores.

“Inside these stores is something a little different,” he said.

There will be distinct departments for hunting, water-related sports and outdoor sports. Lemonis said there’s potential for stand-alone stores for those categories in some markets.

Look for news of a WaterWalk deal as soon as it happens along with a site for Camping World.

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