Carrie Rengers

McKenzie & Associates expands at Occidental Plaza

Mac McKenzie is expanding his year-old McKenzie & Associates marriage and family therapy practice in a couple of different ways.

First, he’s adding 2,052 square feet to the existing 630 square feet he has at Occidental Plaza at Second and Main streets downtown.

“We have an influx of clients,” McKenzie says.

The practice now has six clinicians.

“We’ve tried to bring on clinicians that kind of fill a need or a gap,” McKenzie says of offering different types of therapies.

That’s going to be another area of expansion. McKenzie plans on hiring three more clinicians in the next six weeks or so.

He says he never expected the practice to grow so quickly.

“It’s probably the marketing that we’ve done.”

McKenzie says he thinks it’s also helpful that he and the other clinicians at his practice are what he calls “great clinical consumers.”

“They’re always learning and improving their skills,” he says. “We’re able to offer a lot that some places can’t.”

With the new space, there will be a large area for a play therapy room that can double for classroom or group therapy space.

McKenzie expects to expand again in another couple of years, most likely to Occidental Management’s renovated Union Station property, though he says he may keep an office at Occidental Plaza, too.

Occidental Management’s Stephanie Wise and Chad Stafford handled the deal for the expanded Occidental Plaza space.

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