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Big E’s Vapor Shop to expand to Kansas City and Denver

Big E’s Vapor Shop has grown steadily since Eldon “Big E” Simmons, Dixie Zellner and Sherri Hischke opened the business in 2013, but the number of stores is about to explode with multiple sites in Kansas City and Denver.

“It’s go time,” Simmons says. “All we’ve got to do is show cash flow in those two places, and the sky’s the limit.”

Closer to home, Simmons opened a sixth greater Wichita store at 200 N. Main St. in Haysville. He says the city invited him to come and made it worth his while.

“By god, they’re getting it done.”

Now, Simmons is scouting sites near K-96 and Greenwich. However, some Kansas City stores may open first.

“We need to be open by Black Friday in Kansas City because that is just a huge day.”

Simmons says he wants to have one store per 70,000 people. In Kansas City, he says that translates to about 30 stores. In Denver, that means about 60.

He says there’s a reason his business can grow and sustain itself.

“Nobody does it like we do it.”

Simmons says that’s partly because of the store’s customer service and 90-day warranties, but he says a lot of it has to do with the shop’s ability to make its own vaping juices. It has 600 flavors compared to what he says is more like 50 at a lot of other places that have to buy their juices from manufacturers.

Simmons is already thinking beyond Kansas City and Denver, and he credits his Wichita customers with his ability to do it.

“Thanks to our success in Wichita – the great people of Wichita – our little company is going to be able to move forward and go national.”

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