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Time Honored Tattoo opening in Delano

Steve Wheeler, who is opening Time Honored Tattoo in Delano, at work on a tattoo.
Steve Wheeler, who is opening Time Honored Tattoo in Delano, at work on a tattoo. Courtesy photo

Steve Wheeler says that “tattooing’s the oldest living art form still around,” so he’s naming his new tattoo shop Time Honored Tattoo.

“We try to remember the roots and the history of tattooing,” he says.

His shop will be at 926 W. Second St., which is in a building that shares a wall with Ty’s Diner.

Wheeler has worked at various tattoo shops in Wichita and Colorado for almost the last decade but wants his own place “to give the people that we tattoo a nicer, more laid-back environment.”

“We hear a lot of complaints,” he says of people getting tattoos in some other places.

“They didn’t feel welcomed if they weren’t already heavily tattooed,” Wheeler says. “We don’t really care if it’s someone’s first tattoo or their 100th.”

Wheeler says his 1,450-square-foot shop will be “pretty open” with some antique furniture and “a lot of art all over the place.”

“It should just be relaxed,” he says. “We’re trying to do things vintage, old. It kind of goes with the name.”

The shop’s inspection is Thursday.

If all goes well, Wheeler says, “Then we should open up on Friday.”

Ben Gartner of J.P. Weigand & Sons handled the deal for the space.

Wheeler’s shop is close to where he lives.

“I don’t really venture that far out of the Delano area,” he says.

“There’s a lot coming up in that area.”

He says Delano “feels great for art.”

Then, of course, there are those Ty’s burgers.

“They’re fantastic people,” Wheeler says of his Ty’s neighbors, “and their food is fantastic, too.”

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