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Freezing Moo coming to Wichita with two or three restaurants

The Freezing Moo is opening this fall in east Wichita and at least one more Moo will quickly follow on the west side.
The Freezing Moo is opening this fall in east Wichita and at least one more Moo will quickly follow on the west side. Courtesy illustration

If you’re driving in the K-96 and Greenwich corridor this fall, you’re going to have to watch out for a cow. A happy one who’s licking his lips.

That’s because Freezing Moo, a Thai fried ice cream roll restaurant, is opening there. Its mascot is a smiling cow with a big pink nose.

The deal isn’t finalized, so partners Tymber Lee, his brother-in-law, Cody Newton, and Daniel Smith aren’t sharing the exact site for the business yet.

Lee says, though, that they’re planning two or three Freezing Moos for Wichita and also have franchise rights for parts of Oklahoma and Texas.

Smith discovered the Kansas City-based franchise, which makes ice cream on a freezing plate (or iced grill, as it’s called) in front of customers, after his wife heard about it. They stopped there with their children on the way home from vacation.

“They drove out of their way, and they get there and there was … 75 to 100 people in line,” Lee says.

Smith wanted to get home and feared the wait would take way too long. Instead, his family was through the line in 15 minutes.

“They have literally perfected the system to move hundreds of people past 10 freezing plates,” Lee says.

He says the speed of service and quality and variety of the ice cream are part of what make a Freezing Moo franchise attractive.

The other part is the experience of going there.

“This is experiential entertainment … combined with dessert,” Lee says. “The customer experience is almost the product as much as the ice cream itself.”

He says that’s significant because it draws families just as the whole corridor at K-96 and Greenwich is about attracting families, sporting events and shoppers.

Lee is a partner in the Wichita Sports Forum, which is at Greenwich Place, a 106-acre development at Greenwich and the ramp to K-96.

He says there’s already a lot of restaurants and shops along the corridor and there are “obviously over the next two to three years, many, many more to come.”

Lee says the east-side Freezing Moo will open “as early this fall as possible,” and a west-side one will follow within a few months.

“Daniel will probably serve as head of operations,” Lee says.

The partners, who are owners in various other businesses, also will hire a store manager.

Lee says Kansas City has “unbelievably embraced” Freezing Moo. He says he expects Wichita to as well since it’s “a new twist, a fresh twist on a dessert that everybody loves.”

Then, of course, there’s that happy cow on the Freezing Moo logo.

“It just makes you smile looking at that thing.”

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