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Bryson Butts’ Stor and Deliver offers ‘on-demand storage’

The first delivery truck for the new Stor and Deliver features a Wichita flag to let people know it’s a local company.
The first delivery truck for the new Stor and Deliver features a Wichita flag to let people know it’s a local company. Courtesy photo

Though he’s best known as a former pastor, particularly at GracePoint Church, Bryson Butts is all about entrepreneurship lately.

Butts is a partner in a few businesses, such as three uBreakiFix stores, and now he’s started a new company: Stor and Deliver.

“It’s on-demand storage,” Butts says.

It’s a storage option that has a delivery component.

“Concierge storage” is another term he uses.

Butts says his own storage issues inspired him to start the company.

“I had quite a bit of stuff in our garage – too much stuff,” he says. “I simply couldn’t store it all.”

He got a traditional storage unit but found it to be a hassle.

“Personally, I would get depressed every time I had to go over there and get any of my stuff,” Butts says. “Invariably it’s in the back of the storage unit.”

He says he and his wife, Susan, “looked at it and said, “There has to be a better way to do this.’ 

Butts has employees that will go to customers’ homes, take photos of what they need to store and put the photos on an app that they can access at any time. They’ll then take the items to a climate-controlled warehouse and later retrieve whatever customers need.

“All this is for about the same price as self storage,” he says.

There’s a monthly fee for storage and another fee for delivery.

“We do it based on how much stuff you have,” Butts says.

One of the company’s mottos is “Get your weekends back,” he says.

The company also offers general moving services in Kansas.

Butts’ family has a farm in Mulvane that he also manages, and he says that allows him the freedom to start other businesses.

“I enjoy starting new businesses,” he says. “There’s an entrepreneurial spirit in me.”

Butts says he enjoys helping people but also wants “to create something that wasn’t there before.”

His first delivery truck features the Wichita flag on it in part because he wants potential customers to know the company is local.

“It’s birthed in Wichita, Kansas.”

Butts says expansion to other cities is an eventual possibility, but the company will always be based here.

He says customers can contact him through the company’s website or at its office at 624 E. Douglas just down from the Old Mill Tasty Shop.

“We’re in the heart of the city, and we want that to be a huge part of who we are.”

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