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New Wine Dive & Kitchen to open, but not in Wichita

Brothers and Wichita restaurateurs Brent, left, and Brad Steven are opening their second Wine Dive concept in Manhattan. This one will be called Wine Dive & Kitchen.
Brothers and Wichita restaurateurs Brent, left, and Brad Steven are opening their second Wine Dive concept in Manhattan. This one will be called Wine Dive & Kitchen. Courtesy photo

Brothers Brad and Brent Steven are starting another restaurant, but this one won’t be in Wichita.

The Stevens, who own the Wine Dive and the Hill Bar and Grill in College Hill, are opening the Wine Dive & Kitchen in Manhattan in September.

“It was basically just a deal we couldn’t pass up,” Brent Steven says.

Brad Steven says it’s a fairly turnkey operation, because they’re opening where 4 Olives Wine Bar used to be in downtown Manhattan at 121 S. Fourth St.

“We were looking at the business while they were open,” Brent Steven says.

The longtime restaurant closed this spring.

“They’ve had an outstanding wine list, just as good as the Wine Dive’s if not better at one point,” Brad Steven says.

Wine Spectator once again awarded Wichita’s Wine Dive its Award of Excellence with a two-glass distinction – Chester’s Chophouse & Wine Bar and Siena Tuscan Steakhouse each received a one-glass distinction – and sommelier Brad Steven says he wants the new Wine Dive to have a two-glass rating as well. He says it’s something 4 Olives once had.

He says the new restaurant will have several wines by the glass.

“The cool thing is there will be a big difference in what’s offered by the bottle.”

The 4 Olives owner “did a very good job of sourcing wines that are hard to get.”

The brothers are buying the 4 Olives inventory.

They’ve added the “& Kitchen” to the Wine Dive name because of initial confusion when the Wine Dive opened here.

“A lot of people didn’t know whether it was a restaurant or, like, a wine bar,” Brent Steven says.

Brad Steven says they quickly realized that “oh, man, we should have done something to let people know we have food, too.”

The 3,500-square-foot new restaurant will seat about 130.

“We’re going to be adding on a patio space as well,” Brent Steven says.

The restaurant will have a different menu than the Wichita Wine Dive, though it will have some favorites from there and the Hill.

“We really want to focus on getting as much local ingredients as possible,” Brad Steven says. “There’s some great bakeries up there. There’s some great coffee shops up there.”

The brothers have yet to hire a chef, so the menu is fluid for now.

“We plan on hiring a good amount of the old staff who knew what they were doing,” Brad Steven says.

He says their current “just awesome and trustworthy” managers in Wichita are why he and his brother are able to venture to Manhattan.

“The businesses that we currently have in Wichita run fairly well by themselves without us doing constant day-to-day stuff.”

The brothers have considered a number of deals over the years.

“We’ve always wanted to do something new,” Brad Steven says. “We’re very selective on what we want to do.”

He says they didn’t want to compete with what they’re already doing here, though.

“The best bet was to move to a different city that we know has a great wine community as well.”

The Stevens are still interested in a possible Wichita speakeasy, as Have You Heard? previously reported.

“The cocktail scene is just so huge right now in the United States,” Brad Steven says.

“We’re always open for doing new things,” he says. “It’s gotta be the right location and the right deal.”

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