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Comic Hero Cafe to honor heroes along with San Antonio heritage

Comic books are just some of what will be on the menu for the future Comic Hero Cafe.
Comic books are just some of what will be on the menu for the future Comic Hero Cafe. The Wichita Eagle

There are a number of inspirations behind the new Comic Hero Cafe that Linda Ayala is planning for Moon Ridge Plaza at the southwest corner of 29th and Tyler.

First, there’s necessity.

“I thought that we needed to have a breakfast and quick lunch option without it being fast food,” Ayala says.

“We’ll be serving coffee, tacos and beer.”

Why the somewhat unusual combination? That’s inspiration No. 2.

“Because those are the three things that I love.”

Ayala, who has lived here for 20 years, is from San Antonio where she says tacos are a staple.

“I’m looking to bring a little bit of home back to Wichita.”

Ayala is planning breakfast tacos with eggs and ingredients such as potatoes, bacon, country sausage and beans and cheese.

For lunch and dinner, the tacos will feature carnitas, chicken, beef and possibly brisket.

Ayala also plans homemade tortillas, which she may sell separately.

“If there’s enough demand for it, I sure could sell them.”

Ayala also will sell comic books in a small retail area in the front of the restaurant, which she says is reminiscent of a five-and-dime type store from her childhood where she could buy comics and get something to drink.

“I remember how awesome that was,” she says. “I’m trying to bring some of that back.”

The “Hero” of Comic Hero Cafe also is partly inspired by Ayala’s husband, Ignacio, and his colleagues at the Wichita Fire Department.

“I wanted a way to commemorate … the work those guys do.”

She says the idea is to combine fictional superheroes of comic books with local heroes.

“Once a month I would like to feature a local hero,” Ayala says.

She says that could be a teacher, nurse “or people who have done something exceptional.”

The restaurant, which will open in late September or early October, will seat about 50 and have a drive-through.

Don Piros of Landmark Commercial Real Estate and Whitney Vliet Ward and Katherine Ambrose of Keller Williams handled the deal.

Ayala says she likes the traffic in the area and thinks Comic Hero Cafe will be a nice alternative for people such as nearby moviegoers wanting speedy service but not fast food.

“You want something quick and good.”

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