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Appeals court rules Pistotnik receivership to continue

Brothers and former legal partners Brad and Brian Pistotnik have been busy in court over the past few years, but we’re not talking about their work for clients.

It’s been almost three years since Brad Pistotnik sued his old firm, Affiliated Attorneys of Pistotnik Law Offices, and his brother.

At the time of the lawsuit, Brad Pistotnik’s attorney said the suit was simply “a corporate maneuver to dissolve a corporation … when you’ve got two 50-50 shareholders who have differing ideas about how to manage the company.”

Sedgwick County District Court appointed a receiver to help dissolve the company.

A lot has happened since then. Much of what was in dispute has been resolved. The brothers reached a confidential settlement in July 2015.

However, there have been myriad motions and orders and other kinds of back-and-forth proceedings on a host of other issues.

Some of the issues include claims the firm had against clients for unpaid work and claims that clients also had against the company.

Brian Pistotnik thought the receiver’s work went on long enough and moved to terminate the receivership. The district court denied the motion, and on Friday, the Kansas Court of Appeals upheld that decision.

The brothers aren’t discussing the case.

In a 2014 interview, Brian Pistotnik said he didn’t have a clue as to why his brother left the firm. At that time, Brad Pistotnik responded that that’s not true.

Neither responded to calls for comment on Friday or Monday.

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