Carrie Rengers

Squeezer’s Palace in Riverside closes

The reincarnated Squeezer’s Palace has closed.

“Life is taking me elsewhere,” says owner Kirk David.

David was a fan of the Squeezer’s Palace – what he calls a “goody shack” – that Edgar “Buddy” Curry owned in Riverside in the 1970s.

Curry was inspired to open the business in 1971 after travels to Mexico where there were lots of fresh-squeezed fruit juices. He ran it until 1976 and at one point had a Lawrence location, too.

David opened his version of Squeezer’s Palace, which featured ice cream treats, in 2011 at 11th Street and Bitting a few blocks from where the original Squeezer’s was. David’s business was in a 144-square-foot building across from R Coffee House where Riverside Perk used to be.

“I just never could figure out how to make enough money out of it,” David says.

Curry wasn’t pleased that David borrowed the name, and he never ate there, but he sympathizes that the business has closed.

“It doesn’t surprise me,” Curry says. “It’s unfortunate that that’s the way food service goes sometimes.”

David says, though, “It just really was a lot of fun.”

He says he’s now returning to his first love of carpentry.

“Well,” Curry says, “I guess a heartfelt sayonara is in order.”

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