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Miri’s Minis will serve miniature doughnuts with a funnel cake flair

The new Miri’s Minis will serve miniature doughnuts that are somewhat reminiscent of funnel cakes.
The new Miri’s Minis will serve miniature doughnuts that are somewhat reminiscent of funnel cakes. Courtesy illustration

If all goes well, a new doughnut shop called Miri’s Minis will open in the former Country Bumpkins space in time for National Doughnut Day on June 2.

If Jessica and Alex Lessman don’t quite make it, though, they have some good excuses.

First, they’re already co-owners in Puff’s vape shop in Clifton Square.

Plus, they have three children: 10-year-old Miri; 5-year-old E.J. and newborn Sammy.

“It’s a little slow going because of that,” Jessica Lessman says.

Also, she says they’ve remodeling the space at 3543 E. Douglas themselves.

The shop will have seating for 30 at tables and another 12 on stools around a bar.

Jessica Lessman taught pre-school for 12 years before she opened Puffs and “totally got out of my comfort zone.”

“I love the vape shop, and it’s been good to us, but this is where our passion lies,” she says. “I loved working with kids, and I wanted to do something fun that can … involve them.”

Alex Lessman has been in the property management business.

“He kind of found a love for baking,” his wife says.

“We decided that we’re going to do a little mini doughnut shop,” she says. “We kind of got that inspiration from our daughter.”

Miri Lessman likes all things mini, and that’s what Miri’s Minis will have.

“We just think it’ll be fun, and kids will like it,” Jessica Lessman says.

She describes it as “sort of like almost a Starbucks for kids in a way.”

There will be birthday parties and special events, such as face painting, balloon animals and magicians.

“Just kind of like an event venue-mini doughnut shop place for kids,” Lessman says.

“We’re hoping to … catch that morning crowd that wants breakfast,” she says.

The Lessmans would like an after-dinner crowd, too, from nearby restaurants, such as College Hill Deli & Catering and the new Dempsey’s Biscuit Co.

Jessica Lessman describes Miri’s doughnuts as a cross between a doughnut and a funnel cake.

“There’s not anything like them in Wichita.”

There will be classic doughnuts, doughnuts on a stick and some in a bag shaken with sugar.

There will be toppings such as glazes, sprinkles, chocolate and peaches and cream with homemade sauces.

Miri’s will have signature drinks, too, such as hand-mixed cream sodas.

There also will be daily specials, such as miniature macaroons and English muffins.

The business will be open seven days a week from 7 a.m. or 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. or a little later on the weekends

“We’re bringing our best friends in to run it with us,” Jessica Lessman says of Matt McCann and Ericka Chappelle-McCann, who also will have some ownership.

The Lessmans aren’t worried about E.J. feeling left out since the business is taking inspiration from Miri and will be named for her. Jessica Lessman says her son has his own entrepreneurial spirit.

“He’s got big plans for his pizza buffet.”

Look for more information on Miri’s late next month.

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