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Eighth Wichita-area Jimmy’s Egg to open in southwest Wichita

By July, Jimmy’s Egg will be serving breakfast and lunch near Pawnee and Seneca.
By July, Jimmy’s Egg will be serving breakfast and lunch near Pawnee and Seneca. Eagle file photo

Almost 25 years ago, Morrie Sheets built a building at 1210 W. Pawnee for a Boston Market. Now, he and Wink Hartman Sr. are putting a Jimmy’s Egg there.

“It’s very ironic,” Sheets says.

The building, which is just west of Seneca, has been through a lot since then.

“It’s going to be a lot of work,” Sheets says. “This one’s going to take more love than my wife.”

Church’s Chicken most recently was in the space.

Sheets says he’s installing a new roof and parking lot, among other things. He’s also taking out the drive-through.

“We’ll have it looking beautiful when I’m done.”

Ink Construstion is the contractor.

“It was a void in the southwest market that we didn’t have,” Sheets says of the site. “I think it’s something that the community will really enjoy having.”

The restaurant, which makes Jimmy’s No. 8 for Sheets and Hartman, should open in July.

Their new Jimmy’s in El Dorado opens on April 10.

“I’m really excited about El Dorado,” Sheets says.

That’s in part because El Dorado residents have shown such excitement at its arrival.

“I’m not kidding,” Sheets says. “It’s crazy.”

He and Hartman have considered other markets around the state, but Sheets says they want to saturate the greater Wichita area first.

“We’re already looking at No. 9 and 10,” Sheets says.

He says he’s particularly zeroing in on a site in Derby, which he’ll likely open before another area he’s considering.

Sheets says the managers who run each Jimmy’s are who make expansion possible.

“They make life so easy for me,” he says.

“They’re the backbone of the whole deal,” Sheets says. “For me to be flinging eggs at eight different places at 5 in the morning, that’d be a little difficult.”

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