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New doughnut shop to replace Flying Donuts

The Scholler family has purchased Flying Donuts and is renaming it College Hill Doughnut Co.
The Scholler family has purchased Flying Donuts and is renaming it College Hill Doughnut Co. Courtesy image

The vice president of franchise development for Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers is starting a new venture, but it’s not another Freddy’s.

Mark Scholler and his sons, Clayton, who is a franchise training manager at Freddy’s, and Sam, have purchased Flying Donuts on East Central next to Georges French Bistro and are renaming it College Hill Doughnut Co.

“I’ve got some knowledge here that I’d like to impart to my boys,” Scholler says. “They’re very much wired for hospitality and (the) food service industry.”

The Scholler sons grew up in the College Hill area and would frequent Flying Donuts. Scholler says he told previous owner Tricia Davis that if she ever wanted to sell, he’d “love to have that conversation.”

“And four months later, here I am owning a doughnut store,” Scholler says.

So how can he do it with his Freddy’s job, too, especially when the chain is opening about 70 new stores this year? Scholler says he has great Freddy’s employees.

“They make me look good.”

Sam Scholler will be at College Hill Doughnut Co. day-to-day.

“It’s certainly a good opportunity for my boys to learn all the pulls and pushes and tugs of being an entrepreneur and meeting payroll,” Scholler says. “Getting their feet wet with regards to being in business.”

He says his sons have different skill sets. Clayton Scholler is more of an administrator, his father says, and Sam Scholler is more outgoing.

The three will be transitioning to the new business over the next month or so and expect to be completely rebranded by April 17.

“It’ll be a subtle change,” Scholler says.

Over time, they plan to expand the menu.

That will mean more kolache, which are pastries with fruit.

“I was really amazed at the volume of kolache that they sell,” Scholler says.

Bagels and more baked goods are likely, too, and there will be a new self-serve coffee bar.

“Doughnut shops should have coffee,” Scholler says.

Additional doughnut shops are a possibility for the family as well, though not for a while.

Scholler says the plan is more “let’s go with what’s in front of us than what’s down the road quite a ways.”

“Right now our focus is let’s just learn how to make a cinnamon twist,” he says. “Let’s learn how to make a good doughnut and maintain that good doughnut.”

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