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New salon to open at Clifton Square followed by a film of its opening

The new Tory Brooke Salon opens at Clifton Square on Wednesday.
The new Tory Brooke Salon opens at Clifton Square on Wednesday. Courtesy photo

Stylist Tory Mayer says she’s always wanted her own salon, but even she didn’t dream of what’s now happening.

“I never really felt ready to do it,” Mayer says of opening her own place.

“It just ended up working out.”

Stephanie Wise of John T. Arnold Associates introduced Mayer to Clifton Square at 3700 E. Douglas, and Mayer says she fell in love.

“That area just feels … like a little Breckenridge,” Mayer says. “It’s just the whole atmosphere over there. … I just like all the little local shops.”

Once she decided to open Tory Brooke Salon in the former Bloomhaus space, Mayer says she got a second surprise.

She called salon and academy owner Eric Fisher, her former teacher.

“He’s had a huge part of this with me,” Mayer says.

She wanted to ask him for business advice, but Mayer says Fisher offered much more than that.

“He has bent over backwards for me.”

Fisher suggested that he film the process of her opening the salon to help teach other potential salon owners.

“It’s been really fun filming with him,” Mayer says.

She says Fisher also has offered support and contacts in the industry.

“He is awesome.”

Filming won’t be done until her grand opening on March 25.

Mayer will open her doors on Wednesday. The full-service salon will have a spa room with two aestheticians and a makeup bar. There will be five stylists, two of whom will specialize in cutting men’s hair.

The salon will be in 1,600 square feet, although Mayer’s mother-in-law, Jodie Mayer, will take a small part of that space for her Lou Lorraine Boutique. The business has clothing, boots, scarves and accessories.

Tory Mayer says her salon isn’t going to look like a typical salon.

“It’s got the character of an old house,” she says.

However, Mayer says she’s added more modern finishes for something of a West Coast feel.

“It’s different from anything I’ve ever seen before,” she says.

“I just really wanted to create a really happy environment for my clients.”

Mayer says that matches the vibe of Clifton Square.

“It’s just a fun group of people,” she says of other business owners. “I just love it over there.”

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