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President Trump asks Wichita businessman for advice

Phil Ruffin, left, and his buddy Donald Trump, who recently called for some advice.
Phil Ruffin, left, and his buddy Donald Trump, who recently called for some advice. Courtesy photo

Wichita and Las Vegas billionaire businessman Phil Ruffin and his longtime buddy Donald Trump don’t talk as much as they used to since Trump has a new job.

“I try not to bother him because every minute of his day is taken up,” Ruffin says. “His schedule is so full morning to night.”

The president did call Ruffin the other day for some advice on an issue, though.

“I don’t know if he took it, but I gave him my view,” says Ruffin, who won’t say what the issue was.

The two not only used to talk a lot, but they would see each other a lot, too.

“But we were doing deals,” Ruffin says.

That’s how Ruffin says he knows Trump “has no business interests in Russia. No business interests whatsoever in Russia.”

Also, he says his friend “hasn’t borrowed money in Russia. … Not one penny.”

How is Ruffin so certain?

“Because I would have been in on the deal.”

The two have been friends and doing deals for more than two decades.

“We went through a lot together. We were single together, if you can image that.”

Ruffin thinks Trump is doing a fine job as president.

“I like what he’s doing so far. Apparently a lot of people don’t.”

Ruffin has some advice if you’re one of those people.

“He’s only been there 30 days. Relax and give him a chance.”

Phil Ruffin received a lifetime achievement award from the Certified Commercial Investment Member institute on Dec. 15, 2016, for his contribution to the face of the real estate business. (Video by Brian Hayes/Wichita Eagle correspondent)

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