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Resistance cards may finally pay off for card creator Moe Masters

The Wichita Eagle

Moe Masters has been making postcards and greeting cards since 1986, so you can’t exactly call her an overnight success, but this week she’s sold 1,500 postcards in two days.

“As it turns out, today I profit off Trump,” she says.

Masters began making what she considered satirical cards when she first started seeing stories that Donald Trump was the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination. She says she didn’t take it seriously, which is why her cards weren’t serious.

After Trump won, though, and numerous campaigns started nationally about contacting elected officials to voice protests, Masters says she got more serious.

“My cards are for an overall resistance,” she says. “The people we’ve elected into offices have made themselves unavailable.”

Masters says phone calls and petitions aren’t working and that many officials aren’t showing up for their town hall meetings.

“They’re making it impossible to reach them,” she says. “The current politics in my country are such that we’re relegated to sending mail.”

Masters is selling sets of 12 cards for $20.

There are several different cards in the set, such as one showing Carry A. Nation with a hatchet that says, “#Nevertheless #she persisted.”

Masters is getting the word out through Facebook (Maureen Theresa Masters is her page) and via e-mail at

She says she’s had orders from 28 states and four countries thanks to a large network of friends.

“If anyone wants to argue the effect of social media, call me.”

She says this is a special moment for her card-making venture.

“I’ve never had the perfect alignment of stars.”

While this is partly a political movement for Masters, she says it would be great if it turned into a money-making venture, too.

“I could only pray to God it does.”

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