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Business to leave Towne East Square for Delano after almost two decades

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A long two decades after first wanting to move their store to Delano, John and Suzanne Maida are doing it.

Their 24-year-old L’image framing shop has been in Towne East Square for the last 18 years.

“The mall is raising my rent,” John Maida says.

This time, the end of his lease happens to coincide with space being available in Delano. Every other time, he says it hasn’t worked out.

“Delano is kind of the next happening thing,” Maida says.

In May, L’image will move to 1,800 square feet at 615 W. Douglas, which is next to Bungalow 26.

At the mall, the store has 1,250 square feet across from Men’s Warehouse.

L’image is a full frame shop that serves the general public, but it also specializes in large-format printing.

“We kind of cater to the artist and photographer,” John Maida says.

The store also has plaque mounting.

“It is kind of a modern alternative to framing,” Maida says.

Instead of placing pictures in frames, images are mounted to medium-density fiberboard, and then a protective coating is melted over that.

Maida says it is washable, is protected from ultraviolet rays and doesn’t have glare.

There’s no need for glass or framing unless the customer wants them.

“I’m into less is more,” Maida says. “I’ve always liked not taking away from an image.”

He says the process is cheaper, too.

L’image has a production facility on North Santa Fe, which the Maidas are keeping.

With the new Delano space, John Maida says there will be a new look, too.

“It’ll look and feel more like a gallery-type setting.”

Maida will share more information, including a video on how plaque mounting is done, closer to the May move.

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