Carrie Rengers

New golf academy, with Golf Channel Academy affiliation, opens

Josh Cook likes to say his new Josh Cook Golf Academy at Terradyne Country Club “eliminates barriers” to playing golf better.

A more blunt way to put it, though, is the academy is taking away your excuses for why your game isn’t improving.

Cook, a longtime Wichita Country Club golf instructor, and Terradyne co-owner Rob Patton purchased one of the homes in the Village at Terradyne, which is across 159th Street from Terradyne by the club’s practice facility.

They created an indoor-outdoor academy, which is co-branding with Golf Channel Academy, that offers golfers 24-7, 365-days-a-year access to work on their games with the help of technology called Trackman.

Cook says it’s “taking video, and it’s taking Doppler radar data of the club head and the golf ball from start to finish. So it’s tracking everything that’s going on.”

The data that Trackman returns shows golfers what they need to correct.

“So players can get better without me standing in front of them,” Cook says. “It gives you the best feedback of any device in the golf industry.”

Cook will still offer personal instruction and eventually will hire more instructors as well.

There are nine spots where players can hit from indoors to outdoors through garage doors and one spot where they can hit inside the building with a simulator.

“When the weather is nice, you’ll be able to open the garage doors and practice at your leisure,” Cook says.

There’s also a putting green.

The academy is having a soft opening now.

“You simply go on to my website … and you schedule a practice session just as you would a lesson,” Cook says.

Members will use access codes to get in.

“You can come and go as you please,” Cook says.

Just leave your excuses in your golf bag.

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