Carrie Rengers

Models and Images gets new northeast Wichita home

Alleigh Allen is moving her Models and Images business, in part for easy highway access and in part to put her own touches on a new space.

“Honestly, it’s a move that I have wanted to do for a while – since I bought the business,” she says.

Allen, a longtime employee of former owner Maryann Van Sickle, says the business’ home at 6130 E. Central still seems more like Van Sickle’s space than hers.

“No matter what I did, it just was kind of still hers,” Allen says. “I wanted to have a fresh kind of vision of the business.”

She’s moving to 11124 E. 28th St. North, which is just north of a lot of the new shopping at K-96 and Greenwich.

Models and Images will be in the Dynatek building.

“We’re really excited about that location,” Allen says. “Definitely the location is a very important reason.”

She says she has models and students come from all different directions in Wichita and outside the area.

“It’s so much nicer now that we have 96 right there for them to get to,” Allen says. “It’ll be a lot better for them.”

She says business “really hasn’t changed a whole lot as far as what the public eye sees, but we have integrated a lot of technology into the agency.”

There are new booking systems for models and a new photo management system for clients that Allen says eliminates the need for printed photos. She says it’s simpler and more organized.

At 1,500 square feet, the new location will be smaller than the space the business is moving from, but Allen says she didn’t need that much room.

Along with the easy access, Allen says she’s most excited that the new building will be “another way for me to be able to show the agency.”

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