Carrie Rengers

Corporate reports of Limited’s demise at Towne East premature

An earlier story had an incorrect closing status for the store at Towne East Square.

Wichita customers of the Limited, a longtime women’s clothing store chain, were notified by e-mail on Thursday that the Limited store in Towne East Square has closed.

“This isn’t goodbye,” the e-mail said.

However, it further said that the Towne East store is permanently closed but customers can shop on the chain’s website.

Turns out it really wasn’t goodbye. Later in the day, the chain sent another e-mail to say, “Whoops!” It then explained that the store actually remains open.

No one at the company’s Ohio headquarters could be reached for a comment on Thursday, but an employee at the Backroom at the Limited store at Towne East confirmed the store was still open Thursday night.

It’s been widely reported that the chain, which Sun Capital Partners purchased in 2007 with a stated intention to improve its business model, has had financial difficulties and has been closing a number of stores.

It’s unclear what this store’s future is. The store employee said she was not comfortable answering questions, and a Towne East representative referred questions to the Limited.

We’ll keep you posted.

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