Carrie Rengers

Wichita isn’t boring, but how about that bumper sticker?

The new “Wichita is not boring” bumper stickers may be, well, a tad boring.
The new “Wichita is not boring” bumper stickers may be, well, a tad boring. Courtesy illustration

As co-owner of Stamp Yo Face, Kevin Wildt is known for his creativity.

However, through his We Are Wichita website, he has created a bumper sticker to advertise that “Wichita is not boring,” but it’s – how to put this politely? – a little boring.

“You know, it’s funny that you say that,” Wildt says. “I actually had the same thought.”

The site is designed to promote Wichita artists and entrepreneurs. The “boring” bumper sticker is one of several things, such as T-shirts and artist collaborations, that he sells.

“It’s a means to bring in revenue to help keep the site alive and the content alive … and just offer cool things that promote Wichita,” Wildt says.

This is his first bumper sticker.

“The statement’s been in my head for quite a while,” Wildt says.

He means it as a statement to Wichita residents, and it’s coming from something of a defensive posture.

“It seems like Wichita’s worst critics are often people who live here.”

Wildt almost went with something bolder. He thought about “If Wichita’s boring, you’re boring,” but he says, “I thought that’s too aggressive.”

Like the We Are Wichita site, which is done in stark black and white, Wildt says, with this bumper sticker he was “going for something really simple and minimal.”

It was only after he created it that he realized the sticker’s look could be perceived to match its message.

“I did not even think about the two tying together,” he says. “I haven’t really dissected the thought of what people might see when they look at the design. It’s an interesting thought.”

Rather than being insulted by a reporter’s question about how boring the sticker might be, Wildt appreciates the opportunity to get people talking about how Wichita is not boring. He says he hopes it will serve as encouragement for people to get involved and seek opportunities the city has.

“The bumper stickers aren’t meant to be a movement or a big campaign. They are simply an experiment,” Wildt says.

“I just want people to think about it.”

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