Carrie Rengers

Town & Country to remain open for foreseeable future

The rumors are once again swirling that Town & Country might close.

“As far as we know, we’re not going anywhere,” says Sharon Conover, who owns the popular restaurant with her husband, Larry.

The restaurant, which opened in 1957, is on West Kellogg near Interstate 235.

Last summer, Larry Conover explained that eventually the restaurant would be torn down to make room for a highway bypass, but he said he was starting to wonder if it would even happen in his lifetime.

Sharon Conover says a few months ago it looked like it might happen so the state could make room for some utilities.

“Then whatever problem it was disappeared,” she says. “Last we heard … it’s going to be a very long time away.”

Of course, she says, something else could always happen.

“I mean, God may intervene. Who knows?”

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