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Mr. Electric comes to Wichita and opens a franchise

David Kirkwood is now Mr. Electric of Wichita.
David Kirkwood is now Mr. Electric of Wichita. Courtesy photo

You can call David Kirkwood Mr. Kirkwood, but Mr. Electric probably works, too.

That’s because Kirkwood has just started a Mr. Electric of Wichita franchise for the greater Wichita area.

“It’s basically a residential and light commercial electrical service and repair contractor,” he says.

“We don’t do much for new construction unless it’s something like a remodel or something like that.”

Kirkwood says 60 to 75 percent of a Mr. Electric business is residential.

The franchise is based in Waco.

Kirkwood is working out of his house for now but hopes to find a downtown space soon.

“I would like to be centrally located,” he says. “We’ll service the metro area plus some of the rural areas as well.”

Kirkwood has had previous experience opening another business from scratch and didn’t want to do that again. He says he wanted something that would have procedures and processes already in place and that would give him the option of getting help from others with lessons they’ve learned in the business.

“The franchise basically provides you a proven system,” Kirkwood says. “As long as you follow the system, you will be successful at it.”

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