Carrie Rengers

River City Trolley & Charters to expand to Davis, Okla.

WICHITA — Not quite a decade after opening their trolley charter service in Wichita, Homer and Julie Price are ready to take their River City Trolley & Charters to another city.

"We get a lot of calls," Homer Price says. "We've got a really good reputation for being great in the business."

The chamber of commerce in Davis, Okla., most recently called.

"They wanted us to come," Price says. "It kind of looks promising."

Price says Davis is a small town that has a lot of tourist attractions around it, such as the Arbuckle Mountains, a large candy factory, a sizable campground and a zipline.

"They've got a lot of things."

Price says tourist charters are the best kind because of the ease of collections.

"They step on, they pay, they step off."

With events such as weddings, Price takes some money up front but then has to collect on the back end.

"We do weddings mostly," he says.

The business also does shuttles for conventions. Price says he won't take passengers bar hopping like some charters do, although he points out he has "nothing against bar hopping."

The Prices try not to do any charters late at night.

"Our business has picked up every year," Price says.

River City started with one trolley and now has three. Price expects to expand in Davis once he's there.

"I'll probably wind up with two trolleys, maybe three."

It may not be until late this year that the Davis trolley service opens.

"Well, it'll be a while," Price says. "I don't like to overload myself with finances."

In addition to securing financing, Price says he has to find a place at which to do business. He says he thinks he found a building, and it happens to house a former coffee shop. He says he'd like to bring back the coffee shop in addition to starting the trolley service there.

Price says the Davis inquiry, among others, makes him think about expanding to other markets.

"I have given it some thought because I get so dang many calls," he says.

"Our business has just worked out really well for us."