Carrie Rengers

Joint Chiropractic to finally open in Wichita

Almost two years ago, Sport Clips Haircuts franchisees Monique and Roger Haynes-Robertson announced they were starting a second franchise business – the Joint Chiropractic.

Finally, it’s happening on Nov. 17, when the business opens at NewMarket Square in the same center as Pie Five Pizza and Firehouse Subs.

“Can you imagine that, after almost two years?” Roger Haynes-Robertson says.

They discovered that only licensed medical professionals can own medical facilities.

“That’s been the holdup,” he says.

So chiropractor and Joint medical director Joseph Forred owns the clinic and is contracting with the Joint to manage it.

“It took me two years and a lot of attorney’s fees in order to get the agreement approved from the state board,” Haynes-Robertson says.

“We were probably a couple of weeks away from pulling the plug on it,” he says.

Part of the reason they didn’t is because he says he and his wife believe the Joint can be successful.

“We know the concept will work here.”

The concept is affordability, he says. Patients don’t need insurance.

With a wellness plan, patients can pay $59 a month for four adjustments and then $10 for each adjustment in a month after that.

Without the plan, it’s $29 for an initial visit and then $39 per adjustment.

He says there are a variety of other packages as well.

“The more you buy, the less the adjustment.”

The clinic will have two chiropractors, including one full time and one part time, and two wellness coordinators.

The Haynes-Robertsons also have a Sport Clips at NewMarket Square.

They have five in the Wichita area and are planning a sixth in front of Academy Sports at K-96 and Greenwich.

“The reason we wanted that was for signage – visibility off of K-96 off the side and the back,” Roger Haynes-Robertson says.

He says the business will open in February.

“We’re putting one in Hutch, too, next year.”

Haynes-Robertson says he and his wife will look for an east-side site for the Joint as well.

Monique Haynes-Robertson has quit her job as a human resources manager to work with their businesses full time.

“We’re both working like busy bees,” Roger Haynes-Robertson says.

He says they’re thrilled to finally open the Joint.

“It feels like definitely a weight’s been lifted off of us,” Haynes-Robertson says. “We are excited and ready to get the ball rolling and bring the concept to … Wichita.”

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