Carrie Rengers

GoodSports Enterprises VP comments on filing deadline

And now, a word from GoodSports Enterprises.

The Florida company has been mum in recent months as it’s received a couple of extensions on its deadline to file building permits for the field house complex it wants to build at K-96 and Greenwich.

“Quite honestly, we haven’t returned your calls because we’ve been buried trying to get everything out,” says Anthony Homer, the company’s vice president of development.

He says GoodSports has been working with eight or nine consultants to file paperwork related to the project.

“We got everything to the city,” he says of the firm’s Monday deadline this week. “There’s one item that’s left to be worked out. It’s just a detail that we’ve got to get clarification on between us and the master developer. Then, that’s it, everything is satisfied.”

Homer says the firm was instructed to submit its paperwork to the city manager’s office, which he understands will then circulate it to appropriate departments.

“We’re waiting to hear,” Homer says.

GoodSports and Wichita Destination Developers have been working for several years to build a 65,000-square-foot multisport athletic facility, which will target regional and national tournaments, and an adjacent 120-room hotel for young athletes and their families. It will be on a 13-acre parcel at K-96 and Greenwich.

GoodSports is receiving a portion of the $122 million sales tax and revenue bonds that are going to improve the area, including the K-96 interchange.

Previously, City Manager Robert Layton said those funds are in jeopardy if the project doesn’t start soon.

Homer says he understands Layton is out of the office and that could affect when GoodSports hears an answer to its paperwork filing.

“We don’t expect to hear anything back … until Friday just because of his schedule.”

The answer could come as early as late Wednesday or sometime on Thursday, though. Check back for an update soon.

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