Carrie Rengers

Hannah Banana children’s consignment shop has new owners

Hannah Banana owner Christiane Doom wanted to find a buyer for her business, so she mentioned something to her friend Lisa Barmor, a flight attendant with Alaska Airlines.

“It’s her baby,” Barmor says.

Doom named the children’s consignment shop, which is on East Douglas a couple of blocks west of Hillside, for her daughter. Barmor says Doom wanted to not just find a buyer for the store but to find the right buyer.

Barmor says she immediately thought of her friend Germaine Hall.

“She’s like the east-side garage sale queen,” Barmor says.

She says friends drop off bags of items to sell with Hall, “and then you just get money.”

“That’s how her mind works. She’s amazing at keeping track of things.”

Barmor says Doom and Hall clicked, and Hall wanted the store. She needed a little help, though. Barmor was interested in helping financially.

“I believe that you should empower your friends,” she says. “I was (going to) just give her the loan.”

Hall, who also is a social worker, had another idea, though.

“How would you like that loan to be you’re buying the store and you being a partner?” Hall asked.

“I thought, sure!” Barmor says. “And now I’m in a store. I kind of get to be a flight attendant in a store.”

It’s not what Barmor planned, but she says she likes how it worked out.

“I love the store. I think it’s adorable.”

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