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This Goat is Pushy, but why?

Jennifer Sauer and Pepper, her therapy dog, who will accompany her to her new Pushy Goat holistic spa every day.
Jennifer Sauer and Pepper, her therapy dog, who will accompany her to her new Pushy Goat holistic spa every day. Courtesy photo

For 16 years, Jennifer Sauer has been doing massage at a variety of places.

She moved to Wichita four years ago, and since then, she says, family and friends have encouraged her to open her own place instead of working for other people.

“I’m doing all of their work for them anyway,” Sauer says. “And so I finally listened.”

She’s been subleasing space from another business at the Green Elephant Village at 509 N. Lorraine, and now she’s taking over the space with her own Pushy Goat and will be expanding the business to include other massage therapists and aestheticians.

Her new place will open on Tuesday and will have six treatment rooms.

One will be for her to do massage. Another will be for aesthetician Morgan Walter to do facials, eyelash extensions, waxing and spray tanning. The other rooms can be for any of those services with future massage therapists and aestheticians, who will either rent from Sauer or contract with her. There will be a room for massages for couples as well.

Sauer says she plans to offer a more holistic side of the spa industry.

“I just like the very natural, homepathic aspect of the spa world.”

Sauer says that’s where she feels most fulfilled. She says that’s also what she’s trained in.

“I am not your typical massage therapist.”

Nor does Sauer want a typical name for her business.

“I don’t like the very flowy, dreamy sort of massage names,” she says. Sauer says she didn’t want to pick one that she’s “going to get teased about the rest of my life.”

Sauer says she’s a Capricorn, which has a goat as its symbol.

“This is how you act. This is who you are,” she says friends and family members have told her.

Sauer says in addition to using her hands to push during a massage, she also has a bit of a pushy personality – but not in a bad way.

“I just like to push people out of their comfort zones a little bit,” she says.

She was on the phone with a friend who blurted out that she’s a pushy goat.

“Oh, my God,” the friend said. “You should name your business the Pushy Goat. That is exactly what you are.”

Sauer notes that mountain goats are also surefooted and strong, and they climb to the top quickly.

“And hopefully that’s where I’ll stay.”

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