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Furnish My Nest coming at 21st and Rock

A new home furnishings store with a contemporary flair is coming to the Shops at Tallgrass near 21st and Rock Road.

Furnish My Nest is taking the 2,240 square feet Cox Communications Kansas/Arkansas used to be in before moving across the parking lot.

Chance Shipman and Josh Ruland are opening Furnish My Nest to sell furniture, accessories and lighting.

Shipman says they’ll offer “a mix of classic and contemporary styling, but very functional.”

“We want it to be usable … furniture for everyone’s lives.”

Shipman used to have a shop in Topeka. He says he noticed that there wasn’t a lot of variety in the home furnishings stores here.

Also, he says, “The contemporary choices were gone.”

He and Ruland also will offer a redesign-in-a-day service for $399 in which, after a few meetings with a client, they’ll redesign a room with existing furniture and accessories and add some new ones as needed as well.

They’ll send the customer for a three-hour lunch and do the work.

“It’s a really affordable, fun service for people to do,” Shipman says.

Even though they’ve not opened yet, Shipman and Ruland are already thinking about a possible future expansion. Shipman says that’s what they’re hoping, anyway.

April Reed with Slawson Cos. and David Leyh of Landmark Commercial Real Estate handled the deal for Furnish My Space.

Look for the store to open sometime in May.

Aren’t you … ?

Former Go Wichita president John Rolfe may be heading to a new job in Houston, but there still will someone by the same name living in his northeast Wichita house.

It’s simply spelled differently.

Jon Rolph, president of Sasnak Management, is buying John Rolfe’s house.

Jon Rolph says their real estate agent handled it brilliantly.

“She’d call one John Rolfe and then hang up and call the other Jon Rolph and then hang up and call the other John Rolfe,” he says. “That had to have been a heck of a place to be.”

The two have been friends since Jon Rolph returned to Wichita a decade ago. He made a point to meet John Rolfe. In addition to becoming friends, the two shared each other’s mail through the years, and their assistants came to know each other because people would call to make or cancel plans with one of them when really they wanted the other.

When Jon Rolph heard John Rolfe is leaving to become chief operations officer for the Greater Houston Convention & Visitors Bureau, he told his friend he didn’t have to go.

“John, the town’s big enough for both of us.”

Jon Rolph is sorry to see Rolfe and his wife, Felicia, leave Wichita. He also feels for his future mailman, who will have to bring him his mail and forward John Rolfe’s.

“For the mailman to try to keep that straight … I don’t know how he’ll do it.”

You don’t say

“Who is in charge of their public relations??? Do they owe each of us more free sandwiches because of this?”

Wichita State University political science professor Kenneth Ciboski, joking on Facebook about a coupon for free food from the new Chick-fil-A in “Witchita”

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