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OverstockArt to sell reproductions from ‘Work of Art’

Wichita’s has struck a deal to sell reproductions of art from the Bravo reality show “ Work of Art: The Next Great Artist.”

“We love it for a number of reasons,” says OverstockArt CEO David Sasson.

“One, we believe there’s a terrific opportunity to sell this product.”

The show is produced by Magical Elves, which produces other reality shows such as “ Top Chef: Texas” and “ Braxton Family Values.” Also producing is Pretty Matches Productions, which was founded by actress Sarah Jessica Parker.

Parker regularly appears on “Work of Art,” which Sasson says features 14 artists competing to exhibit at high-end galleries and win $100,000. OverstockArt will sell reproductions of what appears on the show.

“We believe that the net result is going to be a very large revenue that we will get directly from this,” Sasson says.

Also, he says, “It helps us maybe potentially get in the art world in a deeper way.”

Sasson says connecting with higher-end artists has a lot of potential value for his company.

Currently, OverstockArt’s focus is more on a traditional line of art from old masters like Van Gogh. While those have appeal, Sasson says, “At the same time there are some people who are looking for newer, more contemporary art. Maybe more edgy.”

Sasson says OverstockArt, which he founded in 2002, is just one of several companies that Bravo contacted for a potential deal.

“We were able to convince them to use us.”

Highest bid

The Dondlinger family is buying the former White’s Foodliner building in Goddard.

The grocery at 199th and U.S. 54 closed earlier this year. The 22,000-square-foot building was auctioned Tuesday.

"We were the successful bidder," says Raymond Dondlinger, who is in operations and business development at Dondlinger Construction.

There’s no contract yet, and Dondlinger isn’t disclosing the family’s bid. He wants to wait until the deal closes before sharing plans for the space.

"I want to make sure everything’s finalized."

White’s Foodliner had been in the space for 11 years.

In February, when Have You Heard? reported the store would close, owner Pat White said: "It’s just tough for independents in this market in this day and age to be there with the big boys moving in closer and closer."

His four other Foodliners remain open.

W.O.W., an expansion

Pam Pletcher’s W.O.W. Cakes has jumped from being an online business to having a storefront to now expanding in less than two years.

W.O.W., which stands for World of Wedding Cakes, opened in 1,000 square feet next to DeFazio’s near 27th and Amidon last year.

“We punched a hole in the wall,” Pletcher says of expanding the space.

She’ll soon have an additional 1,600 square feet, which she plans to use for baking. Pletcher’s original 1,000 square feet will become retail space, which she’s not had. She’s been taking online and phone orders only.

In the new retail space, Pletcher will sell cookies, brownies, cupcakes and what she calls gourmet cupcakes.

“The really super fancy ones,” she says.

Pletcher has introduced them at events recently, and she says people who eat them “come in the next week and they’re like, ‘I need more cupcakes.’ ”

For instance, her “It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere” cupcake tastes like a margarita with tequila buttercream filling and sugar that looks like rock salt on a margarita rim. It’s topped with an umbrella and a lime slice.

“They’re absolutely sinful to look at and divine to eat,” she says of her gourmet treats.

Pletcher hopes the new space is ready early next week.

You don’t say

“I think Coleman has realized how much I spend each year at their truckload sale!”

– An e-mail from Bruce Rowley of Rowley Snyder Ablah on how Coleman’s annual sale was across from his east-side office last year, and now that he’s moved near the former Big Dog Motorcycles space on East Douglas, so has the sale (which starts today)

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