Carrie Rengers

Box Central to expand, add U-Haul rentals

Box Central , the company Clif and Sherilyn Elder started after buying the Love Box factory outlet stores in 2006, is expanding.

The Elders are moving their west-side store at Central and St. Paul, with 2,750 square feet, to 6,000 square feet at the southwest corner of Douglas and West streets.

"We have added U-Haul to our mix along with packaging and shipping," Clif Elder says.

There's another U-Haul outlet near where the Elders will operate. Clif Elder says a U-Haul district manager explained that outlet is a corporate store that uses an answering service.

"The guy said a lot of people don't like that," Elder says. "He said they have to wait for a call back."

The Elders are adding U-Haul rentals to their almost 3,000-square-foot east-side store near Central and Edgemoor as well.

"All we're going to do here is we may have... a truck and a trailer showing that they're available," Clif Elder says.

The Elders also are looking at adding climate-controlled storage units at their new west-side space.

Don Piros of Landmark Commercial Real Estate and Don Ablah of Classic Real Estate handled the deal for the space, which Box Central should occupy no later than the 15th.

A new Outlet

Sterling Morrison was working for a wireless business when he got an idea for a new company.

When the wireless chain needed new computers, he says, it would buy refurbished ones online.

"So I'm like, 'Wow, there's a niche here,' " Morrison says.

That's why he's opening Tech Outlet late next week at 6810 W. Kellogg, which is next to Party City .

Cristi Howell of J.P. Weigand & Sons handled the deal for the 2,250-square-foot space.

"We offer factory refurbished electronics," Morrison says.

That includes TVs, computers, cameras and game consoles, among other things.

"A lot of people go online and try to buy refurbished things rather than paying full retail," Morrison says. "Here, you can just walk in the doors, look at the things we have to offer ... and you can buy it right then and walk out of the doors with it."

The products, most of which should be in by next weekend when the store opens, will come with warranties. Extended warranties also will be available.

"Basically, we don't want anybody to have any issues we can't take care of," Morrison says.

Ideally, he says, this won't be his only Tech Outlet, and Wichita won't be his only market.

"I want to see how this goes," Morrison says.

"There's definitely a market for it. People are still spending money. They're just being a lot smarter about it."

You don't say

"Is that company even open today?"

Sedgwick County District Judge Terry Pullman's comment Monday about Hawker Beechcraft after several of the company's employees appeared in his courtroom as potential jurors