Carrie Rengers

Peel's Salon Services to expand in east Wichita

Hutchinson-based Peel's Salon Services was looking to expand its east-side location, and it didn't have to look far. Next month the business will move from 2,700 square feet at Carriage Parkway just east of Central and Edgemoor to a new 5,400-square-foot space there.

"It's been an established location," says president Bob Peel . "It's been good for us."

Peel's is a wholesale beauty supply chain that serves salons in a 12-state area with 59 stores. The company adds about five stores a year.

Peel is the fourth generation of his family to run the 73-year-old company.

He likes the parking Carriage Parkway offers and access off of Central.

"We'll be spending over a quarter million dollars on the remodel," Peel says.

"It will become a center where our customers can get advanced education, and they can meet with our architects to redesign their salons."

He'll also be able to expand his merchandise line from 12,000 products to almost 15,000.

Tony Utter of Utter Commercial Real Estate handled the deal.

The store, which is not open to the public, will open in the new space Sept. 15.

Jimmy is moving

It turns out the new Jimmy's Egg that's going in front of Max Cole's Office This development at 4031 E. Harry will replace the one just west of 21st and Amidon.

That Jimmy's Egg is now closed.

Owner Wink Hartman Sr. says his management team "is going to take action to correct businesses that are not performing."

"The concept is that we're growing and reallocating our assets to more profitable areas and stores," he says.

Hartman didn't want to wait for the new Walmart Neighborhood Market to open at Marina Lakes on the southwest corner of the intersection and hope that his business increased.

"You cannot continually develop and plan your future around a Walmart," Hartman says. "Yes, they drive traffic, but we have a breakfast concept, and it doesn't really tie into being around a Walmart."

The Jimmy's Egg by Office This will open within 45 days.

Hartman has one more planned by the end of the year. He's close to a lease on the west side of College Hill and could have the restaurant open by Thanksgiving.

Look for more news on it soon.

Carlos' test kitchen

Intrust Bank Arena has proven to be a good test kitchen for Carlos O'Kelly's .

Jon Rolph says dishes prepared at his family's chain of restaurants usually take about seven-to-10 minutes of prep time.

"When you're at an arena, you've got to do it in about 20 seconds."

That's what led to the invention of the Baja Chicken Wrap .

"We played around with a bunch of different (dishes), and this rose to the top," Rolph says.

"We were really surprised at how many people would be at the arena and then come in (our restaurants) and request it."

So now, the wrap will be on the Carlos O'Kelly's menu along with the cilantro lime rice that's used to make it.

"I wouldn't be surprised ... if we don't discover some new opportunities," Rolph says of other menu items born at the arena.

The wide range of customers helps, he says.

"You get to see rockers, you get to see country music lovers and hockey moms all in one place throughout the year."