Carrie Rengers

East side to get new barbecue restaurant

A new barbecue restaurant is opening in the former Backstage Bar and Grill space next to the Loony Bin on East 21st Street near Woodlawn.

Derrick Payne, who has been catering for some time, is opening Payne's Smokehouse BBQ .

Payne says that as he cooked for others, he kept hearing things like, "Hey, maybe you should open up a restaurant."

Payne's will seat about 70 and feature a range of barbecued meat, some fish, traditional side dishes and some nontraditional ones, such as spaghetti salad, veggie slaw and cornbread salad.

Payne says his meat dishes will be known for their smoky flavors.

"It can be as spicy as you want it with a little bit of sweet to it," he says.

Payne also will have some signature dishes, such as the Mount Smoky, a 2-pound sandwich with brisket, turkey and a hot link.

Everything will be homemade, Payne says, right down to the potatoes he'll peel for potato salad.

He'll also offer homemade desserts, including cakes, pies and pudding.

Payne likes the 21st Street and Woodlawn area in part for the restaurants it doesn't have — including much barbecue competition — and for the ones it does.

"There are already restaurants in that area which bring other diners in," he says. "It's very visible, very busy."

Don Piros of Landmark Commercial Real Estate handled the deal.

Look for Payne's to open in early June.

Run for their money

Mattress stores are almost giving yogurt shops a run for their money with so many opening in Wichita.

The latest is U.S. Mattress , which Alex Besharat will open next week in 3,000 square feet near Kellogg and Greenwich.

Besharat, who lives in Wichita, has one other U.S. Mattress in St. Louis. His brother-in-law runs that store.

The Wichita store will be in the former Play It Again Sports space at 11309 E. Kellogg.

Don Piros handled this deal as well.

Besharat is looking for west-side space to open a second Wichita U.S. Mattress. He hopes to have something ready in about three months.

"We'll see how it's going to go."

You don't say

"Walking those three to five extra minutes would probably be good for us before we eat a funnel cake."

Wichita Festivals president and CEO Janet Wright , responding to complaints from downtown workers who are disappointed the Wichita River Festival food court has moved 850 feet from where it usually is