Carrie Rengers

US Logo adds ninth, and at one time unexpected, department

Years ago, US Logo president and owner TJ Smith never would have thought he’d incorporate video services into his company.

Now RocketCinema is his ninth department.

“I have every intention now to just continue to grow our offerings so we’ll become a more important vendor to our customers,” Smith says.

US Logo offers design, embroidery, screen printing, paper printing, promotional products, signs, wraps and videos.

Customers can subscribe to a series of green screen videos that US Logo produces to help their businesses on their websites.

“And we’ve come up with a way to make it affordable,” Smith says.

Wynn Ponder, who previously had Cinema 1 FX, will be the manager for the video department. He’ll guide customers through videos to promote their products and services. US Logo also will help with search engine optimization if necessary.

“We’re going to help them so that when people search for a product … they will be found,” Smith says.

“Effective results from SEO don’t happen overnight,” he says. “It is much like working out. If you just do five push-ups a day, it’s going to take a long time to get anywhere.”

Smith says a customer’s best value is to subscribe to doing videos on a regular basis.

He says potential video stars shouldn’t be nervous.

“I struggle to speak clearly through an entire paragraph,” Smith says.

“You just simply start over,” he says. “You’ll look like a professional.”

Smith says he wants to continue diversifying US Logo. There are other services he might not have ever considered that now, like video, could become new departments.

“Putting all those products together is really helping when you’re managing a person’s brand.”

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