Carrie Rengers

Ad exec's idea fills a void in land of golfers

Advertising executive and avid golfer Gary Nye has always been the kind of golfer to walk when he plays and fill in whatever divots he makes along the way.

That's the inspiration behind Golf Essentials , a new company Nye formed with his brother, Tim , and Mike Allen .

"We were just kind of brainstorming after a round of golf," Gary Nye says.

They've created a product called SandCaddy , which Nye calls an "incredibly simple and incredibly fast" way to fill divots.

The SandCaddy works like a squeeze coin purse and "opens like a mouth almost," Nye says.

It holds enough sand for six to eight divots and can be refilled at designated sand stations or at bunkers.

"The sand is designed to keep the roots, which are still there, moist so it will grow back," Nye says. "Typically in a round, I'll refill mine once or twice."

He and his partners "have been working furiously to get this product designed," and it has paid off.

At the recent PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Nye says the SandCaddy was named the best new product.

"It was phenomenal," Nye says. "The reaction was, 'This is awesome,' and 'It's so simple. Why didn't anyone think of it before?'

"There's a big need in the golf world."

He says golf courses are "some of the most beautiful turf and land on the planet, and we need to take care of it."

Nye says he's working on a network of retail and pro shops to sell the product. He has 5,000 ready to go now and is filling orders from the PGA show.

He says he also looked at other products at the show that he and his partners might be interested in marketing as well.

"We're trying to stick with green products," Nye says.

Thinking green inspired the SandCaddy motto:

"Protecting our planet one golfer at a time."

Then again ...

Last month, Have You Heard? reported that motorcycle enthusiasts Jerry and Pam Jackson opened Top Rocker in Delano to cater to other cyclists and the gear they might need.

A month later, they've moved.

The Jacksons are reopening their store today at 807 E. Harry.

"Friends got in business together. Enough said," Jackson says of sharing space with Shawn and Kathy Willson and their TCB Garage .

"We found out quick and early we just needed to do our own thing," Jackson says.

Shawn Willson declined comment.

Jackson doesn't want to talk details, either.

"But it really sucks," he says. "Then again, on the other hand, this is really turning out to be a much, much better deal for us."

He says there's more parking than he had in Delano and his shop is roomier as well.

You don't say

"If you have high aspirations, you work hard, one day you can be a county commissioner."

—County Commissioner Dave Unruh , joking at the chamber's Chairman's Lunch Thursday about advice he gave Defense Secretary Robert Gates when they attended East High School