Carrie Rengers

Satchel Creek Steaks to open Andover store

Satchel Creek Steaks has closed its Cambridge Market retail shop and is moving to Andover, but it's not leaving Wichita entirely.

Owner Tiya Tonn-Oppold has placed her products at the Great Harvest Bread Co. near 21st and Maize Road to have a presence on the west side.

"That's been great for us."

As soon as the Great Harvest near Central and Woodlawn is revamped to make room, Tonn-Oppold says Satchel Creek will be there as well.

She's negotiating with a couple of other retail outlets as well.

"Really, it's more cost effective... to be in the local neighborhoods," Tonn-Oppold says. "It's good business sense for the small businesses involved and more localized for the customer."

She was surprised to learn that people in different areas seem to like different cuts of meat.

"You wouldn't think there would be that," she says.

"We're going to be able to really hone in on what people in (an) area are wanting."

The new store at 340 S. Andover Road will open by Monday. At approximately 1,000 square feet, it's about half the size of the space at Cambridge Market.

"We're still going to carry everything we've been carrying," Tonn-Oppold says.

That includes a range of meat, milk, eggs, sauces and mixes. There is fresh produce in warmer months as well.

She's also putting a certain line of products, including summer sausage and beef sticks, at Wyldewood Cellars in Mulvane.

"That will be more of our picnic line as opposed to our full line."

Tonn-Oppold says her website business is taking off, too.

Eventually, she'll open another Wichita store, though smaller than what she had. It likely will be on the east side, though she's not sure where.

"We don't want to cannibalize our Andover store. We want to see how far that reaches."

Tonn-Oppold was surprised to find how many customers drove from the east to Cambridge Market at 21st and Webb.

"We found out that so much of our customer base was actually driving in from east of Wichita in the Andover and Augusta area," she says.

"We've had 3 1/2 great years at Cambridge Market, but it's time for us to do some new things," Tonn-Oppold says.

Next-door neighbor Sports Time Fan Shop is going to take the former Satchel Creek space. More on that Wednesday.

Tonn-Oppold says one benefit of the new space is neighbor Bob Bauer of Cedar Pines of Andover , who will let her use the golf course's clubhouse and patio for monthly tastings.

"Things are just falling into place as they're supposed to be."

Limited space

The Limited is coming to Towne East Square .

The women's fashion retailer, which has more than 200 stores nationwide, is taking 5,000 square feet on the upper level where Third Planet and Specs currently are.

Third Planet will move to the former FYE space. FYE closed last month.

Specs is moving to where Trade Secret once was. That company declared bankruptcy and closed most of its mall properties last year.

The Limited originally was slated to come to Towne East a couple of years ago, but the economy halted the company's expansion in a number of places.

Construction on the new store will start April 1. Look for a July opening.

Weather or not

Allen Williams, president of Williams Construction , has a $490,000 building permit for a new 13,000-square-foot building at 2313 N. Zoo Park Circle. That's about half a block east of Hoover and 21st Street.

Williams says he has a tenant who signed a 10-year lease. He can't say who that tenant is, but he says the building will be a combination office and warehouse.

He figures it'll take about three months to build, but that depends.

"Tell me when the weather's going to switch."

Speedy recovery

Speedy Burger owner Travis Lake wants everyone to know he's reopened his restaurant at 3090 W. 13th St.

Last week, a man who suffered a medical condition crashed into the restaurant.

Lake was across the street and saw fire trucks. He figured a nearby business was on fire. When he got back to his restaurant, a fireman asked him to unlock it.

"I was like, why?" Lake says. "I opened it up, and there was a car inside our store."

The drive-through will take longer to reopen while insurance issues are worked out. Lake says it will be operational again as soon as he receives payment to fix it.