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Counselor joins spouse in Garvey Building

Nancy Chapman has leased about 600 square feet for a new office at the R.H. Garvey Building at 300 W. Douglas, which happens to be where her husband leases 1,100 square feet.

Chapman is a licensed specialist clinical social worker and licensed chemical dependency counselor who does a range of work with adults and adolescents. She specializes in the reintegration process, particularly with the military.

Alan Chapman is COO of Quality Health Care , a hospital management company.

Nancy Chapman recently left another organization and is starting her own business, Nancy N. Chapman & Associates , on Jan. 3.

Her husband recommended the R.H. Garvey Building, and she liked it, too.

"It's really centrally located," Nancy Chapman says.

She says it's ideal for clients coming from the east or west sides of Wichita.

She also likes the parking and nearby landmarks so patients from Wichita and beyond can find it.

"Century II's a pretty good landmark."

Larry Weber with Builders Inc. handled the deal.

So will being in the same building as her husband help, hurt or not make any difference?

"It's wonderful," Nancy Chapman says. "Because when I'm really busy, and my office manager is really busy, I can send him out for lunch."

No free lunch

There was a federal tax lien filed in Wichita earlier this month for more than $56,000 against Del Friscos of New York , which is part of Lone Star Funds .

No one with the company will speak for attribution, but here's apparently what happened:

The lien relates to late and misapplied payroll tax deposits from 2008.

Del Friscos has been working with the IRS and came to a resolution earlier this year which resulted in an agreement for the company to pay $11,000 to the IRS by January.

It looks like something related to the resolution may have caused the information about the lien to be re-entered and refiled.

Last month, Have You Heard? reported that Lone Star Business Solutions , which is part of Dallas-based Lone Star Funds, is leaving Wichita next year.

It's the last link to the group of restaurants that Wichita's Jamie Coulter once owned.

You don't say

"You can go to New York or L.A., and you won't see anything like this monster."

Bill Warren on his new IMAX theater, which opened Friday