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Twin Peaks working on Wichita deal

When you think of "Twin Peaks ," that old David Lynch TV show might come to mind. Twin Peaks has a few other meanings, though.

For instance, Twin Peaks is a Dallas-area restaurant company that formed in 2005.

The 12-restaurant — and growing — chain is working on a Wichita deal.

Which brings us to the next Twin Peaks meaning. The name is as euphemistic as, you might say, Hooters .

"It's a mountain lodge theme," CEO Randy DeWitt says.

You seriously expect us to believe that?

"Yeah. It's this mystical place in the mountains you want to retreat to and hang out with your buddies."

The chain's slogan is "Eats, Drinks, Scenic Views."

"Just like you would expect at a mountain lodge," DeWitt says.

Uh-huh. Right.

DeWitt does admit that the all-female staff is part of the view.

"The girls are selected based on their attractiveness," he says.

So, kind of like that other chain, eh?

"You're very perceptive," he says. "Usually people don't pick up on the double entendre of the name until after they're in the restaurant."

Twin Peaks' other specialty is cold beer. Generally, it's 29 degrees, but there is a big digital thermometer to inform drinkers of the precise temperature.

"Nothing upsets me more than looking forward to a refreshing draft beer ... and somebody brings you out a warm glass with an almost-warm beer in it," DeWitt says.

Twin Peaks has frozen glasses to accompany the almost-freezing beer.

"We take things to extremes," DeWitt says.

Though women and families are welcome, he says, "Twin Peaks is really a restaurant built just for guys."

There are lots of TVs to show all kinds of sporting events.

"Our target customer is the sports-loving male."

Food sales are larger than alcohol sales, so Twin Peaks is more of a restaurant. Although, DeWitt says, "We do have a very lively bar."

He thinks one Twin Peaks for Wichita will be enough.

"Initial plans are just to have one very successful restaurant that's centrally located so everyone can get to it."

DeWitt won't say whether that means the restaurant will be downtown.

We'll let you know as soon as there's a done deal.

Adios, Senor?

Barely a year after opening at 21st and Tyler, it looks like Senor Tequila may be saying adios.

The phone is disconnected at the restaurant, and sources say Playa Azul is in negotiations to take over the space.

Look for more details next week.

You don't say

"Next year I'm bringing BBQ and a girl in short shorts on a trampoline to get people to come to our booth."

—A comment that M. Elisabeth Skibba of Geotechnical Services overheard (and then tweeted) Thursday at the chamber's Exposure event at Century II