Carrie Rengers

Pottery Barn has opening date for Bradley Fair store

Once you’ve seen one Pottery Barn store, you’ve pretty much seen them all, right?


The new Pottery Barn that’s opening at Bradley Fair on Oct. 28 is the same size as a typical store – 12,000 square feet – but it has a completely different, lofty feel thanks to more than 30-foot ceilings and a massive skylight in the center of the store.

The style of the store is a prototype for the San Francisco-based company, but the skylight is in only select freestanding Pottery Barns.

Also, while some Pottery Barn stores arrange merchandise with similar merchandise – say, all bedding items in one area – there will be a different approach to parts of this Pottery Barn.

“We’ll have some destinations like that,” says the chain’s Paul D’Antonio.

For instance, there will be a lighting area. However, he says there will be a lot of cross-merchandising, too.

That means the plaid style the store is highlighting for this Christmas season will be shown in a variety of ways for one room.

“So that customer that comes in and falls in love with that one product has that whole vision in front of them,” D’Antonio says.

He says that’s how it’s done in Pottery Barn’s catalogs.

“We’re following that same strategy in the store.”

District manager Renea Rodgers says the new store will “be all about community.”

“We’re not here to compete with any other businesses,” she says. “We’re here to enhance the service in the market.”

She says that includes showcasing local artists in the store most weekends with mini pop-up shops within the store.

“We really want to bring in those local talents,” D’Antonio says.

“We want to help promote their business,” Rodgers says.

She says there will be classes, too, such as ones conducted by florists or ones on wedding planning.

“We want to feel like a community center for everybody to come in,” Rodgers says.

The store will have a special weekly shopping time for trade members, which will be a chance for people such as designers and builders to shop before the store opens to the public.

The store so far has hired 28 employees, but Rodgers says she’s still looking for more, including a general manager.

That person needs to have big-box-store experience and be a proven leader, Rodgers says.

She’s also hiring design studio specialists, who will be trained to help customers in their homes.

“We will rework someone’s home,” Rodgers says.

“It’s just going to be fantastic.”

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