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When Pigs Fly barbecue set to open

Father and son Ronnie and Brian Choy hope to make their new barbecue restaurant, When Pigs Fly , just as popular as the expression for which it's named.

Ronnie and his wife, Collette , and Brian and his wife, Kendra , are opening the restaurant in late September or early October near Central and Ridge.

They can't say precisely where yet because the lease isn't finalized, but the space will hold about 65 people.

"There's still a lot to be done, to be honest," Brian Choy says.

He and his wife will be the day-to-day restaurant operators.

Brian Choy spent a total of six years at Pig In! Pig Out! , the last three as a manager. His wife still works there.

Ronnie Choy is in the advertising and marketing department of The Wichita Eagle .

Although he likes Pig In! Pig Out!, Brian Choy says, "I feel like there's not a lot of great barbecue in Wichita."

He'll mostly offer smoked meats with occasional grilled meats as specials. He says he'll have "classic barbecue sides," such as beans, coleslaw and macaroni salad.

Brian Choy feels like he and his wife can especially establish a rapport with customers as a family business.

"I want to be in touch with my customers," he says. "I want them to feel like they're coming into 'Cheers .' "

He says he thinks the two of them being at the restaurant on a daily basis will help with that.

"I think we make a great couple and a great team."

Aha moments

Wichitans who always wanted to be in pictures got their chance the past couple of days, courtesy of Mutual of Omaha .

The company was here to collect stories for potential use in its series of commercials featuring aha moments that have changed people's lives.

The idea is to "inspire the rest of the country as well," says spokeswoman Brittany Thoms .

The company had a mobile video unit set up at the Farm & Art Market Plaza downtown.

People shared their stories via video. The company then will send them either a 30- or 60-second clip in a few days. People can then e-mail the links to friends. The top 75 most-viewed moments will go to a nationwide vote for the best spots, and the top 10 will air as commercials next spring.

"It's really quite fun," Thoms says.

One Wichita story featured a widow who said her aha moment came when she realized she could fight depression by volunteering.

A man who has a mental disorder shared an aha moment when he said he realized his diagnosis could be an opportunity to engage more in the community.

"What we've found is everyone's moment is so radically different, but they all have impacted the trajectory of their lives," Thoms says.

Mutual of Omaha started its campaign in 2009 by going to 25 cities for stories. This is the second round, which features 25 new cities.

A toast to tea

About the time Zoomdweebie's Tea Bar owner Frank Horbelt wanted to enter the North American Tea Championship , his quarterly payroll taxes were due.

The $150 to enter each blend of tea was a bit steep, to use the industry's parlance, so Horbelt decided to pick one of his favorites and hope for the best.

His Pina Colada Honeybush tea came through. It took third place — only two points off from the winner — in the flavored herbal tea category.

"It has been just a phenomenal seller," Horbelt says.

It means he's had to hear "Escape (The Pina Colada Song) "fairly often, which he's likely to hear even more now.

That's OK with Horbelt.

He'll be able to market the tea as a champion, and the blend will be included in the 2010 Tea Buyer's Guide , which the World Tea Expo publishes.

Horbelt created the tea because "it was hot, and it just sounded like a good blend."

He creates a new blend every week, including such original blends as jalapeno tea, bacon tea and buttered cinnamon raisin toast tea.

"We have to really push the creative envelope to come up with new ideas."

You don't say

"There will be no single-family home builders in hell because they have already been there."

_ Businessman Jack DeBoer , speaking to the Wichita Rotary Club Monday