Carrie Rengers

Flip’N Toss to begin manufacturing and open first store

Jarrod Nolan isn’t just playing games.

He’s manufacturing them for others to play through his new Flip’N Toss company.

The former teacher, who has chemistry and nursing degrees, initially played around with a bag-tossing game in his mother’s garage.

“I was just having fun,” Nolan says.

Then he says he “converted it into a gaming system to where you can play multiple games and not (be) stuck playing the original.”

Now, he’s preparing to open a Flip’N Toss store next month at 515 E. Douglas in Eaton Place where his corporate office moved a month ago. Craig Simon of Landmark Commercial Real Estate handled the deal for the space?

Nolan says he has six employees in his office and another five who are preparing to start manufacturing the Flip’N Toss games.

“It’s so much more than just a game for us,” says marketing and communications coordinator Kristina Keeter. “It’s a lifestyle. It’s getting people active again.”

Players toss miniature beanbags into holes, cups or baskets that are built on wooden frames and are interchangeable. Keeter says there’s no need for cords, TVs or batteries, and the games can be played inside or outdoors.

“Literally, I’ve wheeled it in my high heels and set it up,” Keeter says. “For me, that’s huge.”

She says the game’s mobility and interchangeability is what sets it apart from similar games.

It’s a traditional product that we have put a modern spin on and really innovated,” Nolan says.

Initially, Nolan says he planned to outsource the manufacturing.

“We had an epiphany one day,” says Kyle Larson, Keeter’s brother and the company’s COO. “Why don’t we just do this ourselves?”

He says, “The more we bring it inside, the more quality control we have and the more we can control our costs.”

The company currently is in manufacturing space at 815 E. Osie, though there’s a chance that space is only temporary.

Until now, Nolan says he’s been working on deals to place Flip’N Toss in stores and with other potential outlets, such as resorts.

A key component with the games is that they can be customized for weddings and other events with photos and graphics that customers select.

Nolan says the Flip’N Toss store will be similar to a skateboard shop where customers design their own boards.

“We’re going to be taking a very urbanized approach to it,” he says.

“That’s going to be a great opportunity for us to beta test our own store before we start opening … nationally next year.”

He says he hopes to put his first two stores after Wichita in Oklahoma City and Kansas City.

Nolan says he’s also working with Dick’s Sporting Goods to be in 30 to 70 of its stores.

“I just went in there and did a product submittal,” he says.

The games won’t be in those stores until the spring, Nolan says.

“It all kind of comes down to strategy for us,” he says.

Nolan says he’s particularly focused on online sales.

“We live in an e-commerce world,” he says. “That’s what I’ve been really focused on right now.”

Nolan says he’ll be manufacturing three of the interchangeable boards at first, but he says that “doesn’t mean that’s where we stop.”

“The product has no boundaries, which is really fun.”

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