Carrie Rengers

Auto Masters to build at 21st, Hoover

Almost a decade after buying property at the northeast corner of 21st and Hoover, Larry Greider is preparing to construct a more than $1 million building there for a new Auto Masters Collision & Service Center .

Greider already has three body shops, a service center and two used car lots in Wichita and Derby, where the company is based.

This will be the first time he has collision and service centers under one roof.

"I've seen our service department has grown tremendously in Derby," Greider says. "Our sales and services has just doubled in the last couple of years."

That's why he has the confidence to open a new center in a down economy.

Concerns following 9/11, among other things, kept Greider from building after he first bought the west Wichita property.

"I was just kind of scared financially of taking the risk to do it."

Greider still has concerns.

"I just actually worked and saved, and it was a big gamble to do it."

The business has grown from five employees when he bought the company in 1994 to 43 employees today, which helps his confidence level.

"Our business is running stronger right now than it ever has," Greider says. "I never dreamed of getting as big as what I did."

Red Bull to the rescue

Patrick Lomantini has been cutting hair only two years, but he's already working on a record.

A Guinness World Record , in fact.

Lomantini is planning to cut hair for 72 hours straight starting at 9 a.m. on Aug. 19.

He'll work out of his Lomantini The Salon at 1812 S. Seneca near d'Sozo .

"I've got a lot of friends and probably (will) drink a lot of Red Bull ," Lomantini says of his strategy.

He got the idea for the record and contacted Guinness in New York.

Lomantini says he was told that to set a record, a feat must be measurable, breakable and verifiable.

"Nobody else has done it, so I'm setting the record," he says of cutting hair.

The haircuts will all be free.

Lomantini is trying to schedule a lot of second- and third-shift workers to fill the nighttime slots. He'll also cut hair for some local charitable organizations.

Any tip money will go to the Kansas Humane Society .

"I don't want it to be all about me," Lomantini says.

His friends aren't sure they want it to be about them, either.

"The running joke with my friends right now is (they) don't want to be the person getting their hair cut in that 71st hour."

You don't say

"It's hot. We've got a beer for that."

—A saying that plays off of Apple's "We've got an app for that" on a sign outside Don's Retail Liquor on East Harry