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Mattress Hub taking former Ethan Allen space

Aprime piece of Wichita property is once again leased. The former Ethan Allen and Drinnin's Home Furnishings building at 416 N. Rock Road has been vacant since late 2007.

The Mattress Hub is now moving into the space with a 15,000-square-foot showroom.

The company "is getting ready to open the ultimate relaxation destination," says Mark Barrientos , who is partners in the business with Ryan Baty .

"We feel like it's one of the premier pieces of real estate in the whole city of Wichita," Barrientos says. He thinks it "will give us real good visibility and easy access to our customer base."

As Barrientos told Have You Heard? last month, the 11,000-square-foot Mattress Hub at Towne East Square will convert to a smaller express store.

Barrientos says the expanded new space on Rock will allow for more mattress models and the addition of bedroom sets, including special-order and custom-made furniture.

"It's going to be a real contemporary, modern style," he says.

The new store will open between Aug. 15 and Aug. 21.

Barrientos says he has big plans for the west side, too, which he'll be ready to announce soon.

The Towne West Square Mattress Hub also is converting to an express store.

The company is continuing its expansion elsewhere as well. In addition to recently announced new stores for Oklahoma, Barrientos says he has closed a deal for a 5,500-square-foot Mattress Hub in Manhattan.

Eastward Momentum

Momentum Marketing & Design is all about creating momentum for small businesses, and now it's creating some of its own.

President Tanya Aziz is moving the company from Delano to part of the former Hartman Oil building at 13th Street and 127th Street East.

"We've really just outgrown the space that we're in," she says of the four-person, 5-year-old company.

With the move, Aziz is changing the name of the company to Momentum Marketing Solutions .

"That's what we provide — small-business marketing solutions," she says. "We do a lot more than just graphic design.

"We kind of act like a marketing department for a small business."

Aziz's business partner, Julie Niemann , is leaving the company because she's having a baby this fall.

"It seems like a natural transition time," Aziz says of making the other changes.

She recently hired a bookkeeper and plans to hire another graphic designer and a project manager.

Niemann will continue to freelance for the company after she leaves.

Currently, Momentum is in an open 720-square-foot space at 1725 W. Douglas.

Aziz says she'll take two offices within the former Hartman building, and she likes that she'll have a reception area and a conference room available as well.

Gotta hand it to him

Automobile dealer Brandon Steven made it to Day 5 of the World Series of Poker Wednesday in Las Vegas.

Just in case the poker gods are listening, though, let's be clear: Steven is not bragging.

In fact, he'd prefer not to discuss it.

"I don't want to jinx myself," he says.

He then quickly corrects himself because he says superstition is bad luck.

This is Steven's fourth year to play the Series. Out of 7,500 players who started, Steven is one of fewer than 600 left.

"Today is the day that counts," Steven says. "Today's when you get to the really tough, tough, tough playing."

He says players are highly aggressive at this point.

"I'm playing the best in the world right now."

He had a particularly tough draw of players Wednesday afternoon.

"I've got a lot of big pros at my table," Steven says.

He'd prefer not to talk names — or anything else — any further.

Steven promises an update today. For now, though, he says, "I don't want to defocus."

You don't say

"Most of my guys have fought in two or three wars. ... It's not fair. It's not constitutional."

Club Billiards owner Mike Chapple on how most of his customers are smokers, which he says means he'll likely have to close if the smoking ban goes into effect