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Brothers' Rivalry graphics business moving to Delano

What's a little rivalry between brothers? A business, at least in the case of Justin and Chad McClure .

The brothers independently work in motion graphics and do animation and special effects.

Chad McClure, formerly of Intake Studio , moved into his brother's Old Town office space at 151 N. Rock Island earlier this year, and the two started working on projects together.

Now, they're moving to Delano and creating a company name — the Rivalry .

"The Rivalry spells it out for you," Justin McClure says. "We've always had this kind of inner rival, so the facility's going to be no different."

Though they'll have one company name and clients will get the services of both, the brothers will remain independent.

"We have different aspirations, so it's good for us to stay independent," Justin McClure says. "But we're working together, and we're collaborating. It's a good opportunity for us to grow."

Chad McClure says, "We push each other, so it's a really good dynamic."

The new 1,700-square-foot office, which is at 575 W. Douglas where Lotus beauty bar used to be, will be double the space that the McClures have now.

They've also added a project manager.

"It's just growing quickly," Justin McClure says of business, "so we're expanding."

Braum's still on board

Readers have been wondering about the status of a few Braum's stores coming to Wichita.

"The economy must be getting better if that's the major concern," says Braum's marketing director Terry Holden , laughing.

As Have You Heard? previously reported, a Braum's will open on Seneca near First Street just north of QuikTrip . The Braum's on Douglas just around the corner will close when the new store opens.

There are also Braum's stores planned near Harry and Rock Road and just north of the Residence Inn by Marriott at Plazzio at 13th and Greenwich.

Braum's, which has 278 stores nationally, has about 50 more in the planning stages, including the Wichita stores.

"I've kind of got a whole bunch of things hanging out there," Holden says.

"It becomes a choice: 'This year we're going to do this.' "

Pinpointing when things will happen is harder, though.

"A lot of it has to do when crews become available," Holden says.

Don't look for the new stores within the next six months or so.

There is remodeling activity at the Braum's at 444 E. Pawnee, though.

"It is going to look almost completely new inside and outside," Holden says.

In addition to more seating, he says, "We'll also have a more shoppable ... area for the fresh market."

Holden says the project has just started and will take about 100 days.

"This is the opportunity to go back in and almost treat it like a new store."

You don't say

"We call it 'chocolate crack.' "

Best of Times employee Aubrey Ramsey , talking about the addictive clodhopper candy at Nifty Nut House