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SpurgMedia owner says every business needs to be a media company

Danny Spurgeon says he has a product that every company needs, but it’s not the easiest to explain or sell.
Danny Spurgeon says he has a product that every company needs, but it’s not the easiest to explain or sell. Courtesy photo

Danny Spurgeon may have a product that most other businesses need, but it’s not the most tangible one to sell.

“Really, it’s tough to put it in written form,” Spurgeon says of his SpurgMedia.

“I am creating digital analytics packages for small all the way up to large companies.”

Spurgeon tracks websites for other companies. He can tell them where visitors come from, how long they stay and how they engage on the sites.

He then builds reports for businesses to better understand what they should be doing with their websites and how they can better market to customers based on how they’re interacting with the sites.

Spurgeon says it’s easier for businesses to market to customers if they understand them.

“If you’re not trying to understand your customer, then you’re probably losing that business,” he says. “You’re going to lose, because someone else is.”

Spurgeon was in the car industry for the past couple of decades.

“It was something I didn’t necessarily love doing.”

Before he quit this summer, he found himself studying his dealership’s analytics.

“It just started becoming very interesting and intriguing to me.”

He then “did a soul search of what was going to make me happy.”

Spurgeon says he likes the idea of figuring out how to capture more customers.

To start his company, he’s been building simple websites for small businesses and has been doing some analytics work for friends, including his former dealership.

“You have something here,” Spurgeon says his former general sales manager told him. “It’s different than what everybody else has been giving me.”

Now Spurgeon is working on marketing that message to other businesses.

Part of it, he says, is convincing them that “if you’re not tracking what your customers are experiencing on your website, then there’s no real reason for a website.”

He says if it’s important to have a digital face, so to speak, “then digital analytics is the lifeblood of your business.”

No matter what someone’s business is – even a mom-and-pop shoe shop – Spurgeon says, “You better be a media company. You better be able to market what you’re selling.”

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