Carrie Rengers

77-acre Tierra Verde Development 'coming together' in Bel Aire

The multifaceted Tierra Verde Development near 47th North and Webb in Bel Aire will be under construction within a month.

"It's really coming together a lot better than we expected with the economy being such that it is," says architect Paul Cavanaugh , who is working with Terrie and Stephen Grillot on the 77-acre project.

The three are about to begin a bid process to build roads in the development, where they are buying another 80 acres and have an option for 70 more.

Construction of the first phase — which includes a spa and sports complex — will begin as soon as the first roads are in.

Several years ago, Terrie Grillot had a vision for a surgical recovery spa. After a potential deal with a local country club didn't work out, she began looking for land to start one from scratch.

That's when she first talked with Cavanaugh about possibly being the architect for the project.

"The more I got involved with it, the more I realized it was really a good thing for a lot of different reasons," Cavanaugh says.

The development's green approach — with sustainable and recyclable materials — is partly what attracted him.

"We're trying to make it a green, Earth-friendly development, and I thought that was really worthwhile," he says.

Terrie Grillot and Cavanaugh have made deals or are in final negotiations for several deals in the first phase. They include:

* The Healing Center at Tierra Verde , which Grillot and physician Lisa Weber will develop. It will be, in part, a place for patients to prepare for or recover from procedures elsewhere.

"When people have had surgery, and they are kicked out of the hospitals because of insurance or they think they're well and they're really not, they can come to us," Terrie Grillot says.

The center also will include a destination spa for things such as massages and lectures on healthy living.

There also will be two 500-seat ballrooms that will be home to dance studios and be available for rent.

"This is my baby," Terrie Grillot says of the Healing Center. "I just have the vision of having it all under one roof."

* Champions Sports Complex , which respiratory therapist and coach Johnny Quick will develop.

It includes indoor and outdoor football fields and four outdoor soccer fields.

* The Hotel at Tierra Verde , a 120-room hotel that an investment group in Denver is in final negotiations to open along with a possible amphitheater.

"It's going to be very green," Terrie Grillot says. "In fact, they want their lobby to be an education center on green" living.

* The Organic Gardens at Tierra Verde , which Terrie Grillot and Cavanaugh are selling to a group in the process of putting together an LLC.

* Assisted Living at Tierra Verde , an assisted living facility that Grillot's husband, family physician Stephen Grillot, and assisted living builder Jason Wiley will develop.

* Three barns will house a culinary school and restaurant, a learning center and an art cooperative. This area has not been sold yet.

* Three medical offices on five acres each. These have not been sold yet.

* Wichita Bible Church , which will add a site at Tierra Verde, though not until its second phase of development.

Cavanaugh says he and Terrie Grillot have committed to have the sports complex ready by late summer.

He says the Healing Center will be ready by the end of the year, and most everything in the first phase will be under construction within six months.

The second phase will include residential living for people 50 and older, though it won't be a retirement village.

It also will have a town square and a dog spa. Terrie Grillot says she also hopes to have a post office and a grocery store.

"My other goal and dream is to put in an environmental school," she says.

Grillot says the development would already be built if it hadn't been for the economy.

Cavanaugh says that's slowed progress but not stopped it.

"A guy can either sit in a corner and give up or figure a way around the hurdles," he says.

Check back here for more information as the development progresses.

Bionic strength

Bionic Burger is going to open its third Wichita restaurant in April.

The chain has signed an almost 10-year sublease for the former Long John Silver's space at 6121 E. 21st St.

Bionic Burger also has restaurants at 660 N. Ridge Road and 2404 S. Meridian.

Raquel Chavez, daughter of Bionic Burger co-founder Steve Majors , says the space near 21st and Woodlawn is ideal, especially since it's so close to Wichita State University .

In addition to dine-in seating, the new restaurant will have a drive-through.

Troy Farha of Grubb & Ellis/Martens Commercial Group represented Bionic Burger in the deal. Brad Saville of Landmark Commercial Real Estate was the listing agent.

Chavez and her husband, Jimmy , are the ones adding the third restaurant.

They did a survey of their diners to find out where they should expand. The east side won.

"We had a ton of east," Chavez says.

"We have people that actually drive from, like, Andover."

She says some of them come once a week from that far.

"Man, that's a long ways to drive for food, but that sure makes me feel good," Chavez says.

The survey also indicated the Twin Lakes area would be popular, and Chavez also is considering the southeast area of Wichita.

"Our goal is to open a few more."

You don't say

"I've been to your chamber functions. There's a lot of booze there, too."

Young Professionals of Wichita consultant Rebecca Ryan , joking at a YPW meeting Monday night that critics of young professional groups nationally say their events are often no more than boozy gatherings for singles